Here Are a Few Ways To Earn Money Online From Games

  • Live streaming – Platforms like Twitch allow you to live stream your gaming sessions. You can monetize your streams through donations, subscriptions, ad revenue sharing etc. The more popular your streams, the more money you can make. Requires building an audience and being entertaining.
  • Making YouTube videos – Record and upload videos of your gaming exploits and commentary. Monetize through YouTube’s partner program once you have enough views and subscribers. Building a loyal following is key.
  • Entering esports tournaments – There are plenty of competitive gaming tournaments across various platforms with cash prizes. You have to be exceptionally skilled to earn consistently.
  • Selling in-game assets – Many games allow trading of in-game items, characters or currencies. You can earn real money by farming or acquiring rare and valuable in-game assets and selling to other players.
  • Becoming a pro gamer – If you’re highly skilled, you can try becoming a professional gamer for an esports organization. Pro gamers earn salaries and tournament prize money. But it’s an extremely competitive space.
  • Game testing – There are opportunities to get paid for testing new games and reporting bugs before release. It’s not as exciting as playing for fun, but can be a steady source of side income.
  • Game coaching – If you’re an expert in a particular game, you can make money by coaching new players and helping them improve their skills. Teaching skills are required.
  • Game development – You can leverage your programming skills to build and sell your own games on platforms like Steam. Successful indie game development can be very lucrative.
  • Virtual item trading – Some online games like Second Life allow you to create and sell virtual items, characters, skins, etc for real money. A creative way to monetize gaming skills.
  • Writing gaming guides – Create gaming blogs, guides, walkthroughs, tutorials etc to earn through ads and affiliate marketing. Great way to make money from gaming knowledge.

The most lucrative options require you to be among the best gamers and building an audience. It takes skill, time and effort to start earning consistently. But done right, gaming and esports can become a full-time career with multiple online monetization options.


Earn Money Online From Games

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